Who are the Liquorists?

Tom Sneesby and Jody Monteith are the Liquorists, and that should be enough, but there is more if you wish to hear it.

Tom (a soft southerner) and Jody (a dour Scot) worked in bars and restaurants for most, if not all, their adult life, they tried to leave, but weren’t any good at anything else, plus their insatiable lust for all things boozy kept them in. Let us be honest if they drank like this in any other job, there would be an intervention, but in the booze trade they remained, and vowed to serve up the best drinks they could to as many people as they could. A noble cause, not as noble as saving lives, or being a fireman or anything, but pretty noble, noble-ish I suppose.

After working in every kind of establishment from back street dive bar, to fine dining restaurants Tom and Jody finally met in Manchester, it wasn’t a match made in heaven, Tom is way too loud and Jody is Scottish, so there was friction, plus Jody could have been best friends with Michael Fassbender but stood him up on a man date, so was stuck with Tom. They overcame these differences through a mutual passion – their trade, and so teamed up to create the Liquorists, they have never looked back.

Now 3 years later they have worked through the initial problems, to form one of the brightest and best consultancies in the North, although Tom still wishes Jody had become Michael Fassbender’s friend, I mean come on, imagine if he came to our parties, he is as popular as….like….um, Matt Damon was a few years back, or like Ryan Gosling or something…anyway…

They run the Manchester Spirit and Cocktail Trails, and host the Gincidents, both of which can be found and explained elsewhere in this website, have a look around, make yourself at home, they also hold the best cocktail parties around, bring a new twist to the pop-up bar scene in Manchester and mix a mean drink, or at least Jody does, Tom is a bit rusty, to put it politely.

Oh and Jody is on IMDB – look him here!

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